VSOP25: Introduction

School Subject:

Two-dimensional materials and their composite structures – the van der Waals heterostructure – have been the most active objects of research in both fundamental and engineering areas. Study of these materials has unveiled unique and extraordinary properties which are not only very promising for applications in various advanced technologies but also rich in novel physics. For instance, the understanding of the physics of electrons in graphene requires to invoke concepts and methods of not only condensed matter physics, but also elementary particle physics and relativistic physics. Such gained inter-discipline knowledge then becomes the basis for any further development, including the design of novel concepts of electronic devices. In order to achieve breakthroughs in knowledge and innovation, it usually goes in parallel with the successful development and invention of efficient approaches and methods to resolve problems. 

With the aim of bringing to Vietnamese and Asiatic students and young researchers the latest achievements and skills for working in this novel direction in condensed matter physics, Rencontres du Vietnam and Phenikaa Institute for Advanced Study (PIAS), in the frame of annual series of Vietnam School of Physics (VSOP), organise this summer school with the subject of “Two-dimensional materials and van der Waals heterostructures: Novel Physics and Advanced Research Methods”.

School aim:

This summer school is designed to teach learners fundamental physics of such kind of materials and training them research skills of using efficient theoretical calculation and computation methods to explore these material objects. The lectures in this school focus on 6 topics covering the issues of fundamental and exotic properties of the 2D material systems (topics 1, 2 and 3), the topological phase (topic 3), novel concepts of devices (topic 4), AI techniques in solving typical problems in condensed matter physics (topic 5), and hands-on on the computation in physics and materials science (topic 6). Apart from the academic activities, the school is organized to open the opportunity for the meeting and sharing values of science and cultures among the attendees.

Attending this school, learners will, in general, have the occasion of learning the reasons that motivate the intensive study of this new kind of materials. A general picture of this field of research, encompassing aspects such as how these materials can be fabricated and processed and how fundamental properties can be investigated and exploited to applications in various technologies, etc., will be sketched through lectures given by invited experts from various research centers in the world.

School Time: July 22 – August 02, 2019

Venue: International Center for Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE), Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province, Vietnam