VSOP23: Program


  • Vincent Bouchiat (VB): Application potential of 2D materials and Van der Waals heterostructures
    • Session VB1:  Structure of Graphene: Graphene nanostructures, ribbons and Quantum dots, Basic electronic properties
    • Session VB2:  Structure and Production of  types of 2D materials
    • Session VB3: Production of Graphene and 2D materials: Top down and Bottom up techniques,  from exfoliation to CVD
    • Session VB4:  Van der Waals heterostructures: fabrication and properties/ Moiré pattern
    • Session VB5:  Introduction of phenomena specific to 2D systems
    • Session VB6:  Novel phenomena arising in Van der Waals heterostructures
    • Session VB7:  Superconductivity and Quantum coherence in 2D Materials
    • Session VB8:  Basic optical properties of 2D materials
    • Session VB9:  Optical phenomena Photonics in carbon-based hybrid nanodevices and in emerging 2D materials Photovoltaics, Valleytronics etc…
    • Session VB10:  Electromechanical and Optomechanical applications of graphene and other 2D Material
    • Session VB11:  Biological and Medical applications of 2D materials
    • Session VB12: Conclusion and Perspectives for Industrial Applications 
  • Dario Bercioux (DB): Fundamental Physics of 2D materials
    • Electronic structure of graphene in the tight-binding description, generalization to hBN
    • k.p method and the Klein paradox
    • The physics of bilayer graphene systems
    • Spin-orbit interaction and quantum spin-Hall effect in graphene
  • Nurit Avraham (NA): Scanning Tunneling Microscopy in 2D materials
    • Introduction to scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM)
    • Principle of operation
    • Type of measurements:
    • Topography, Density of states, Quasi-particle interference
    • Probing Dirac Fermions in Graphene by scanning tunnelling microscopy and spectroscopy.
    • From Graphene to 2D topological insulators – introduction to topological materials.
    • The case of Bi2TeI – a stack of 2D topological insulators forming a weak and crystalline topological insulator.
    • Visualizing weakly bound 2D topological Fermi arcs and their properties in the Weyl semimetal TaAs.
  • Peter Rickhaus (PR): Quantum Devices in 2D materials
    • The fabrication of Van-der Waals heterostructures and a comparison to other 2D systems
    • Quantum confinement of electrons
    • The Quantum Hall effect in semiconductors and 2D materials
  • Laurence Magaud (LM): Fundamental atomic and electronic structures of van der Waals heterostructures
    • Session LM1: Electronic structure, fundamentals: Brillouin zone, DOS, band structure
    • Session LM2: electronic structure methods: DFT and TB (reminders since this will already be treated in the first week)
    • Session LM3: the honeycomb lattice – application to graphene (possibility of a hands-on session?)
    • Session LM4: from graphene, graphene bilayers to graphite – more exotic structures
    • Session LM5: TMDC phases and electronic structure
    • Session LM6: point defects in graphene and in TMDC
    • Session LM7: junctions, Schottky barriers, semiconductor physics
    • Session LM8: application to TMDC heterojunctions
  • Johann Coraux (JC): Growth and analysis of graphene and 2D materials
    • Session JC1: Growth of graphene and 2D materials (bottom-up techniques, including CVD, MBE, PVD, etc)
    • Session JC2: Functionalisation and decoration of 2D materials
    • Session JC3: Membrane-like properties of 2D materials
    • Session JC4: Vibrational properties of 2D materials, and Raman spectroscopy
    • Session JC5: Moiré lattices involving 2D materials
    • Session JC6: Structural phase transitions with 2D materials
  • Ba Nam Le (BL): First-principles Computation of Electronic Structure of 2D materials


Schedule for lecturing

Mini-workshop: by students

Schedule for the mini-workshop


  • Visiting the ancient Cham’s towers named “Banh It” and the Quang Trung museum
  • Time: In the morning of 17 December, from 8h00 to 12h00
    • 8h00 get on the bus
    • 12h00-13h30 have lunch outside
    • Back and Free in the afternoon
    • 19h00 have dinner at the Seagull hotel restaurant